WAAC: Ubiquitous Data Access for the Indoors with Fixed Wireless Access

Google recently announced they would be stopping the deployment of fiber as they are looking into fixed wireless access (FWA) being a both quicker and cheaper replacement.

Other industry leaders are now also talking about the benefits of FWA for 5G. In a recently published article on LinkedIn, Ericsson describes the benefits of FWA should it be massively deployed. Nokia’s FastMile solution and Huawei’s WTTx are examples of currently adopted solutions based on FWA.

While FWA is more or less common sense to any person knowledgeable in wireless telecom, its massive and successful implementation requires yet unsolved pieces of the puzzle. One piece is that which would make possible true ubiquitous fixed data access and wireless/mobile coverage indoors. This is important as it is indoors or in direct proximity to the indoors where most machines and devices to be connected exist and it is indoors where most of the data traffic occurs.

Another piece of the puzzle is that which takes into consideration the multitude of existing wireless/mobile operators and grants them equal opportunity to address the indoors using FWA. We are otherwise stuck with the problematic faced by fiber deployment and whereby the telco deploying fiber has more or less a monopoly over the areas where they deploy fiber hence dividing the market based on geography, or risk facing a chaotic situation where each operator want to deploy their own equipment on venues.

When I founded Haritel back in 2012, I was already aware of the challenges the Telecom industry would be facing and what I wrote above is the reason I started to develop Wireless Access Across Copper wires (WAAC). After very intense years my efforts yielded two patents and the concept is verified in a proof-of-concept. WAAC is a patented method for achieving FWA based on Wireless Local Loops (WLL) and solves the above problematic.

I reach out to those persons or organizations who want to know more about and help make a reality of WAAC, hence sharing the vision of a fully connected world of living beings and machines, please contact me through LinkedIn or at info@haritel.com.

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